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    Wiley and Sartorius Working Together


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    The work we have done together Overview of Projects


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    What we are working on now Projects In Progress


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    How we help organizations like you About Wiley Corporate Solutions


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Working Together An overview of the projects we have worked on


Sartorius and Wiley have partnered together on several projects and content pieces resulting in numerous leads and registrants. This review hub will take a closer look at activities that Wiley and Sartorius have partnered on from Jan 2021 until August 2021.

Our projects Projects from January 2021 until August 2021


Projects in progress Currently underway


What's coming up Overview of projects that will be completed in the coming months

Winemaking: The Secret of Good Taste and High Quality

Completion: Beginning of September 2021

COVID Vaccine Essential Knowledge Briefing

Completion: September 2021

AlivaMab Webinar

Scheduled for 14 September 2021

EU Pharmacopeia Lead Campaign - infographic and webinar

Completion: October 2021

Wiley Corporate Solutions Helping you maximize your impact


Work with us Supporting your marketing and customer engagement strategy

We are one of the world’s leading scientific publishers and the leading society journal publisher. Our rich source of ‘must have’ content includes an impressive portfolio of peer-reviewed journals across life, physical, and health sciences.

We develop bespoke projects, linked to our journal publications published on Wiley Online Library, our global online resource that includes over 7.5 million articles from 1,700+ journals. Through our extensive range of professional publications, we support your marketing and customer engagement strategy, maximizing the impact.


You need to share your research to make real-world change.
We're here to help.

Global corporations trust us to activate their mission for real-world change. Across health, life and physical sciences, our solutions extend the knowledge of researchers and impact decisions of industry professionals.

Solutions we offer

Share your message with our audiences

We work with communities of researchers and professionals in more than 200 countries around the world. Our reach means that your message can be seen by 10 million unique visitors on Wiley Online Library every month, or that you can advertise your products to more than 590 societies with 2 million members.

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Publish your research in valued sources

Researchers and professionals know that we value quality more than anything for our published content. So when you sponsor special issues or publish your research in one of our 1,600 journals or other channels, your audience knows they can trust your findings.

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Make your research stand out

With so much information out there, it can be a challenge to rise above the noise so your research can cut through. We can help turn your findings into easy-to-consume formats so your professional audience knows the most important information right away.

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